Racing Game Stupidity


Videogame forums are a difficult place at the best of times but the release of the demo for Forza Motorsport 6 has highlighted some of the general stupidity that occurs when a game with any kind of depth is release. I visit fewer forums than I used to, but no matter where you go you still see examples of the two pieces of nonsense everywhere. These aren’t particularly about Forza Motorsport, but any racing videogame with some pretensions to realism.

“I’m so hardcore that I don’t use driving aids.”
Mea Culpa, I did used to be part of this clan. It’s understandable why people fall into it. They watch Top Gear or Chris Harris turn off the traction control and take the car for a spin around a track. Tiff, Chris, Stigg etc. all complain if they can’t turn these aids off, they want the most hardcore experience. And that’s great for making super videos of getting the tail out around a corner. But that’s not exactly what you want while engaging in motorsport. Some real GT racing classes use anti-lock brakes and traction control systems – and this puts the “hardcore” videogamer in a quandary. It’s so difficult – using TCS/ABS is the more realistic option – but people might not think I’m hardcore enough.

I know this is hard to hear and I’m sorry for shouting but YOU ARE NOT A RACING DRIVER YOU ARE JUST SAT IN FRONT OF A TV.

It really doesn’t matter at all whether you use driving aids or not. Using them doesn’t make you a “noob” and not using them doesn’t make you any more of a racing driver than the “noob”.

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The Quest for the Alrightish Burger

Many years ago my late/first wife and I had a pet called George. We loved George, he was yellow and perky, ever ready to join us in our adventures. With his tail behind him he’d open up his jaws and hiss with delight every time we’d decide to eat with him. He wasn’t a snake though, he was a lean mean fat reducing machine aka a two sided grill. I’m not sure what happened to that George, his fate is lost in the mists of time that for me remains hazy – and not just because of the fat-coated steam that filled the kitchen.

Many years later I’ve returned to a similar adventure. Yes I bought a new George Foreman grill. Once again I can enjoy the delights of arguing who gets to clean the bloody thing and wondering how something can be so charred on the inside and yet so “never mind that’ll do” in the middle. I’m not sure how much fat he keeps from us, but George has proved handy for a variety of our regular meals. I think his contribution will likely be measured more in a slightly lower electricity bill than reducing waistbands.

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Yeovilton Air Day 2015

Queen of the Sky

Another July, another Yeovilton Air Day and this year I took the family along. As ever it was a tricky day for spectators and photographers as the flight line has everyone looking up into the sun. It was lovely to see the Vulcan fly one last time before her retirement at the end of the 2015 airshow season. The highlight of this year’s show for me was the Sea Vixen, it’s such an amazing looking fighter – fast jets tend not to be that pretty anymore.

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SMSL 793II DAC/Headphone Amp – Quick Review

You can pay an absolute fortune for a good headphone amp but much of this money goes into snake oil. A decent DAC chip is not expensive and amplification is not rocket science. SMSL is a Chinese company that’s making waves with good quality audio gear that means you don’t have to break the bank to get good sound. This DAC/Amp receives optical/coax digital PCM and sends it out of the headphone output at the front and via RCA line-out at the rear. The volume controls the headphone only – as it should – leaving the line-out to be a fixed volume. I’ve got this DAC set up on my desk where I feed it an optical signal from my motherboard, the line-out then goes to a hi-fi amp and speakers. The sound quality is excellent both in the phones and via the line-out. I’ve used the line-out to feed an SMSL SA-50 amp and a Marantz MR-603 hifi and in both cases the results were superb. Be aware like most headphone amps there is a little channel imbalance through headphones at the quiet end of the volume taper but this is gone at normal listening volumes.

Also as is often the case with excellent but inexpensive Chinese audio gear the power supply lets the side down with cheapness and potential electric death. My 793ii came with a two-prong switching power supply and a travel adapter. While the power supply seems fine – I didn’t like using it with the travel adapter and bought a 9v switching power supply from Maplin with a proper UK plug.

Neet Wifi Music Receiver

A great solution to add network music streaming to a device without connectivity. I bought the item to add music streaming to my aging Sony AV Receiver – the amp still sounds great – but it does not have connectivity of its own. The Neet device was ridiculously easy to set up. I’ve tried the optical output and the line-out to my AV Receiver and with the Sony amp I prefer the optical option but I’m glad both options are there. The Neet receiver plays FLAC files from my NAS with ease and I’ve had no trouble controlling it via the BubbleUPnP app on my phone. A great inexpensive solution that would get an extra point if it could do gapless FLAC.

Avantree Bluetooth Transmitter/Receiver – Quick Review

These things are so good that one week after buying my first I bought another – so now I can send and receive at the same time. These are a great alternative to expensive bluetooth headphones. I use one a lot of the time to make my portable headphones wireless when out and about – not having to worry about the cable connection to my phone.

I’ve also used them to send GMusic from my Android tablet to my hifi. To watch TV with headphones on – one device plugged into the TV sending, the other on my headphones receiving. No latency issues. When I use my Sony PlayStation Gold wireless headset to watch 3D blu-rays I get terrible lipsync issues. With these aventree dongles I get none.

I haven’t run into any problems at all. Pairing is easy. Charging is quick. Battery life is good. And very importantly – the sound quality is very good indeed.

Quick Jurassic World Review

Just jotting down my initial thoughts having just got back from the cinema, having watched Colin Trevorrow’s Jurassic World in 2D. It was great.

The trailers weren’t exactly representative – a few red herrings – and that’s a really good thing. I liked all the leads, I like that it set up some well worn tropes then didn’t go through with them in the cliched way. I thought the effects were very good. It was all very grounded, very little CGI swoopy cam, and the realistic cinematography really helped sell the dinosaurs as animals. Certainly in 2D I was sold.

I liked the look of the film. Obviously colour graded – but not in the over the top way of many current films. It had a much more natural look – closer to the original JP. It was also shot in quite a tall ratio and I felt the overall tone, look and atmosphere of the film was not very modern – and I mean that as a huge compliment. It felt like a worthy sequel to Spielberg’s original and I enjoyed the references to the original film.

I liked that they addressed the feathers issue in a realistic and genuine way. I liked the kids – I think having younger cast members gives it that Spielberg feel but also guides the younger audience through the film. Pratt and Dallas Howard were really good.

As I said I thought the effects worked really well. There was a solidity to them that worked. I think at times it looked like there was an attempt to recreate the look of the original film’s T-Rex animatronic using CG rather than try to completely make a realistic animal. Whether my guess is true or not – the T-Rex and some others – moved and looked a lot like the way we enjoyed them in Spielberg’s original.

I think the director Colin Trevorrow did a great job. He managed to keep a film about some pretty bonkers stuff very grounded and human, with good acting and action sequences that worked really well. I liked the restraint in many scenes – he didn’t feel he had to keep showing us brightly lit CG dinosaurs all the time but went for classic suspense. Excellent production design, dialogue and characters that were smarter than most summer blockbuster fodder, and some huge scary dinosaurs – what more could one ask for.



Deadly goings on in our garden this morning as a Sparrowhawk captures a small bird. The prey was still very much alive at this point and screeching. The reason the hawk was standing like that was to defend itself as all the birds in the garden were dive bombing it in little squadrons to try to get it to leave. Meanwhile the poor sparrow wasn’t being finished off quickly and was very loud.

So I went outside with the hope of either getting the hawk to move off with its prey or leaving the prey behind. It picked up the sparrow and flew down under a tree, then over the wall and out of the garden – followed by lots of small birds trying to scare it away.

A Sad Day

Don’t be poor, or hungry, or have more than two children, or be disabled, or vaguely foreign, don’t need a new home, don’t get ill, don’t need a good education. Your country without soul, heart and compassion has abandoned you. Kindness is over, replaced by fear and austerity. Shame on you England.